Disney-Fox deal closes

Uh oh…


Fear it, dread it, run from it… The Mouse arrives all the same. And now, it’s here.


I will say this… I truly wish Disney/Marvel had just gotten the rights to f$#@%n’ Fantastic Four back years ago, because that’s literally all anyone is talking about, rather than the possible ramifications of this deal as an entertainment monopoly. Everyone is all for it, just because they want to see Doom pop up in an after-credits scene in Endgame. It’s all FF’s fault!

And I honestly cannot see Deadpool popping up in an MCU movie making fun of them, as they (the gooey Disney brand) go against everything he offers (nasty dick jokes), and vice versa. What’s he going to make fun of anyway? Would they let him point out that Don Cheadle replaced Terrence Howard, or Robert Downey Jr.’s drug habits or whatever? I would pay a nickel to see him bring up Bryan Singer in a movie though!

Grant Morrison and Ezra Miller himself to write The Flash movie?

From The Hollywood Reporter. Wha-?


Personally, I can’t blame Ezra. Warner Bros hired him in 2014 for Justice League and a solo movie, dicked him along for several years, announced and cancelled a Flashpoint movie, pushed The Flash from its 2019 filming start date just to force him to accommodate Fantastic Beast 3‘s shooting schedule- and then bumped that movie too, leaving him with no projects to film this year. I’d be proactive and get Grant Morrison too! Why not make Grant the head of DC Films? They need to stop trying to make Geoff Johns a thing, he knows nothing!

Also- James Gunn rehired by Disney! You might say they… jumped the gun?


At first I thought this was a hoax article, such as the one from a few years ago that said, “Bryan Singer Announces He is No Longer Gay!” (That one did have an element of truth though, as he tried to impregnate the woman to have a young boy of his own to keep). I’m glad he’s honoring his commitment to do The Suicide Squad first. GotG 3 can wait, Vol. 2 was a hot mess so I think a little time in between installments is best.

Avengers: Endgame Official (Final?) Trailer hits!

Well, this is a surprise out of nowhere!

And since I’m throwing trailers up, here’s Dark Phoenix final trailer:

Dumbo final trailer:

And, uh, Aladdin final trailer:

Why does Aladdin frighten me more than Jafar? And did they just re-use Lea Solanga’s singing vocals for Jasmine? And why does everyone speak in an American accent, when they go out of their way to make everyone British in every other children’s movie?

Quick Review: Captain Marvel

It’s time to review the latest Marvel Cinematic offering, Captain Marvel. Is it good, or more nonsense from the Mouse? I won’t keep you in suspense- it was good! In fact, I’m shocked to see that even the people who are squarely in its corner are giving it a kind of subdued response, the people against it absolutely hate it, and I seem to really like it alone, other than the people already drinking the Marvel Kool Aid. How strange, but let’s see why!
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The Last Cut is the Worst: A Look Back at “Logan”

I’m not gonna get out to see Ms. (excuse me, Captain) Marvel for a few days, so in the meantime I thought I’d throw up a look back at what seems to be everyone’s favorite movie of all time, 2017’s Logan, directed by James Mangold. There’s a lot to like about this movie… but there’s also a lot not to like, and I think it’s enough that the entire affair collapses under the weight of its own pretentiousness. Read on, and feel free to chime in if you disagree! Continue reading “The Last Cut is the Worst: A Look Back at “Logan””

Stan Lee honored in Oscars Memoriam segment!

He always wanted to be an actor and a star, so he would’ve been thrilled by this. Fare thee well Stan! I also liked that they used the clip of him in X3 as “Waterhose Man” instead of caving and doing a dumb MCU throwaway. Did you know Stan is the highest grossing lifetime box office actor of all time? It’s true, google it! Sam Jackson is number 2 but if Stan is in Infinity War and Fury goes away, he’ll keep the record for awhile.

‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Director who was cut off was going to thank Stan Lee

Aaaaaah!! Why didn’t they just omit the third dude who just went up and said “Uhh…” At least they didn’t let Avi Arad speak, up there at the Oscars in his Spider-Man beanie cap. What?

There were too many people hemming and hawing who just wasted time giving speeches. Like the Black Panther production design girl who took five minutes getting her phone out, whilst narrating that she couldn’t find her phone, and then the other guy didn’t get to speak at all. I bet he had his written down! If you don’t want to be cut off or played off by music, start talking about how you want to be an inspiration to the underdogs watching who doubt themselves, something something truth and power, blah blah. Don’t end up like the La La Land guys!

Also- Poor Glenn, she seemed really deflated that she lost yet again. I was pulling for her as she was the expected winner. Close, but no cigar!


Cool Article on the future of DC Films

From Mark Hughes via Forbes, check it out:


I still strongly believe they should’ve called it the DC Filmic Universe, or… DCFU! In other news, Dan Didio is the Burger King this week.

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First Trailer- Spider-Man: Far From Home

Hot off the press! Yikes!

I legit lol’d at the people in the comments who started saying “But this spoils that he survived the Snap in Infinity War!” Spoils for who? Even Thanos is expecting him to come back at this point! I think our first clue he made it was that he was getting a sequel with his name in the title a year after he mysteriously turned to ash! PS. I think Mysterio created illusions of the giant sand-monster and water god so that he could appear to have magical powers; I don’t think he’ll be an actual sorcerer. But who knows, seeing how off-book they’ve gone on everything else.

And I don’t think I ever posted this, but here’s Captain Marvel final trailer. This one I’m very iffy on, could be a misfire. And yes, I lol hard at the people who say, “That’s what the doubters said about all the Marvel movies! That’s what they said about The Avengers! Who would think a movie with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Loki and Nick Fury would possibly do well?? Nobody would go see it!!” Captain Marvel I don’t doubt for a second will rack up at the box office; it’s propelled by the power of feminism!

I’ve been on an extended winter break, but I’m back! Next time I’ll dive into the new year with a bunch of fun new stuff, and some movie and comic reviews!

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