The Return of ‘Batman Returns’

Much like it was on the tenth anniversary of The Dark Knight, it’s also the 25th anniversary of Batman Returns! Give or take a year that is. It’s a movie I’ve definitely seen enough to know by heart, but not one that I really have ever given great thought to, at least enough to analyze in-depth in an article or essay. It’s just kind of always been about Tim Burton’s gothic wankery, to my mind. But I found a really cool analysis on Reddit that made me look at it from another angle. I don’t think Tim gave it one iota of this level of thought, and mainly just made choices out of instinct or from the hip based on whatever felt right to him at the time; but nonetheless, check it out here, then come back for my thoughts! Continue reading “The Return of ‘Batman Returns’”

Greatest Comic Covers of All Time – Part 1

Alright alright alright, it’s time to showcase my choices for the best comic covers evah! I’m splitting this into however many columns it takes, and listing them alphabetically, not by preference. As always, these are just my opinion, and they are not ranked, as that would be too difficult to do. All art is subjective, but I think these choices really stand out for the following criteria: a) Is it iconic and memorable, b) Is it clever or unique to whichever character it belongs to, c) does it work specifically as a comic book cover in and of itself? I deliberately left out pieces that, while they were technically good art, were not saying anything specific about a character and could just be interchangeably found on any wall. The logo and trade dress is also taken into account; I tried to not count it against covers where it didn’t work, but when they works in tandem, it enhances the “kitschy” appeal immensely. I tried to not gravitate toward extreme minimalist covers (ie, the artist was lazy) that were mostly great due to a superior color choice- with a couple exceptions. And finally, I did not discount covers that were technically pin-ups with no narrative, as hey, a cool Spider-Man cover is still a cool cover! Please keep in mind that if your favorite is missing, all good art is in the eye of the beholder. And here… we… go! Continue reading “Greatest Comic Covers of All Time – Part 1”

The Dark Knight at 10 Years

The Dark Knight turns 10 years old this week, and it’s time to get out the old rose colored lenses. It really was a monumental film that came at the exact right time to help shape popular culture for the next decade, and it really did help redefine the comic genre. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely has its flaws- such as “No Moah Dead Cops!!”- but the film itself, and Heath Ledger’s iconic Joker in particular, may never be topped as both a watershed comic book movie and a cultural moment that encapsulated an entire era. Continue reading “The Dark Knight at 10 Years”

Batman #50: “The Wedding”- NOT

So Batman #50 hit this week, and boy there were some unhappy people. I don’t care enough about whatever nonsense Tom King is doing to get worked up in the first place, but if I was invested in reading it, I’m sure I’d be pissed. Everyone on the face of the planet knows what happens by now, but just in case, “spoiler alert.” I say, much like a peeping tom, look at your own peril!
Continue reading “Batman #50: “The Wedding”- NOT”

Recent Comic Roundup: Teen Titans Special

Wanted to get a quick one out today (that’s what she said) and talk about some recent comic releases, something I haven’t really done thus far. Plus what’s coming up for the site next month. Here we go. Collectors be warned: You may actually want to pick up the seemingly pointless Teen Titans Special, in stores today. I have no idea if this issue will catch heat, depends on what in the issue actually sticks, but it could very well be a key moving forward. You have been warned… Continue reading “Recent Comic Roundup: Teen Titans Special”

Finally some good news for Stan Lee/ Shake-ups at DC Entertainment

Via Bleeding Cool:

The police report/restraining order detailed:

Stan has been put under a court ordered conservatorship that removes his alleged abuser Keya Morgan from his life. A more official restraining order has been placed to keep Keya away from Stan. Of note is that the lawyer who drafted the statement is the ORIGINAL lawyer, who prepared the suit in February alleging wrongdoing against Keya, the Daughter, and the dude who literally bled Stan dry for autographs. Continue reading “Finally some good news for Stan Lee/ Shake-ups at DC Entertainment”