More Tribute to Stan

More of the best of Stan’s cameos as we continue our week-long tribute to the man, the legend, the icon. Stan Lee: greatest comic creator of all time, or greatest American to ever live? You decide!

Here’s a really weird one I didn’t even know about until I looked at Stan’s bio: his first film cameo! Playing himself in “The Ambulance,” it stars Eric Roberts (who seems coked out of his mind I might add) as a comic artist at what seems to be Marvel. Along with an approximation of The Bullpen, which seems to exist solely to give Roberts something to do. “Hey Stanley,” my foot, ya mulleted goon!

Here’s Stan’s tv cameo in Muppet Babies. I believe the quality is so bad because it hasn’t gotten a DVD release. It hasn’t even aired on tv since before they invested flat screens, so no one could exactly DVR the episode.

Who could forget Stan’s memorable appearance in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats? To tell you how much of a nerd I am, I immediately knew “Love Be a Vulture Tonight” was not a real story. Or I knew Kev Smith too well by that point. But what was Stan thinking with his goatee, never seen since? I do also wonder why Stan bothered to wear a toupee that left the entire back of his head balding, but- hey, we won’t think about things like that. It’s so bad, it makes me think it must be his real hair. Yes! Stan’s genius at play again!

Stan in Yoga Hosers, also directed by Kev.

And… what in the hell is this cameo? Is that Sofia Vergara? And… Julie Andrews?? Ooh ooh ooh indeed, Poppins looks frightened of The Man!

We at Comic Genre extend our most heartfelt condolences to Stan’s loved ones and fans in this time of mourning.


We Love You Stan

I was going to write more on his passing yesterday, but was too sad. I’ll try to write up something later this week. He will be missed. We love you Stan!

Stan’s best cameo. ‘Nuff said!

Stan Lee Goes to the Movies

I Am Furious Yellow

I like how Stan automatically knows Comic Book Guy’s name without being told it. And how he opines he won’t leave his store, as he leads him back into it. Who else but Stan!

But I have to admit, this is probably my all-time favorite cameo; the last scene from the Spider-Man animated series. He’s “meeting his maker.”

Notice Stan’s wife was the voice of Madame Web. “I think he’s truly special.” Excelsior!


Casting the rebooted Superman and Batman movies!

This fan-casting piece was taking agonizingly long to finish, and I realized why: I was trying so hard to do write-ups for each entry, and realized that there’s really not too much to say about why you want a certain actor to play a comic book character. They just feel right in your gut. And so, with the news that Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are out as Batty and Supey, and DC is moving in another direction, I present MY choices for who should play each, and their respective supporting casts, in live-action reboots! One note- I have actually had (most of) these choices in the back of my mind since roughly 2010 or so, so many picks are dated. Some actors, indeed, are dead. But everyone actually could pretty much STILL play the roles a decade later, so I’m just presenting my cast as is, since some actors were selected to go with others. Here, then, without comment, are the brand new definitive Superman and Batman movie casts! Oh admit it, most of them are the spitting image of the drawings! Even the dead guys! Continue reading “Casting the rebooted Superman and Batman movies!”

Stan Lee on his very last legs, true believers

Needed a voice box to talk?? Holy God, this article was worse than I imagined. I think this might really be it for Stan. Daughter sounds vile, this piece- specifically written to clear up the allegations against HER- sound more than just a little like Stan’s coerced defenses of Keya Morgan. “Say what you want about me, but leave my dear, sweet, kind and totally-not-greedy daughter JC out of it!” It’s plain weird that he actually says in the article that JC couldn’t wait until he died to get his money and he just wants her to be happy and spend it all now. Like, is this something you want the public to know? They even took Stan’s picture with his wig falling off! Please, leave The Man alone! I keep saying let him rest peacefully, but I don’t know if that’s possible in his current environment. Now I’m just hoping poor Stan’s end is quick and painless, which it truly feels awful to say. “I hope my daughter loves me.” Ugh. Stan don’t know what’s up, he called JC by his wife’s name. They’re wheeling him around now like it’s “Weekend at Stanley’s,” it’s shameful. Let him keep his dignity, if you must take his money and all else. Please.