Batman #50: “The Wedding”- NOT

So Batman #50 hit this week, and boy there were some unhappy people. I don’t care enough about whatever nonsense Tom King is doing to get worked up in the first place, but if I was invested in reading it, I’m sure I’d be pissed. Everyone on the face of the planet knows what happens by now, but just in case, “spoiler alert.” I say, much like a peeping tom, look at your own peril!
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Recent Comic Roundup: Teen Titans Special

Wanted to get a quick one out today (that’s what she said) and talk about some recent comic releases, something I haven’t really done thus far. Plus what’s coming up for the site next month. Here we go. Collectors be warned: You may actually want to pick up the seemingly pointless Teen Titans Special, in stores today. I have no idea if this issue will catch heat, depends on what in the issue actually sticks, but it could very well be a key moving forward. You have been warned… Continue reading “Recent Comic Roundup: Teen Titans Special”

Finally some good news for Stan Lee/ Shake-ups at DC Entertainment

Via Bleeding Cool:

The police report/restraining order detailed:

Stan has been put under a court ordered conservatorship that removes his alleged abuser Keya Morgan from his life. A more official restraining order has been placed to keep Keya away from Stan. Of note is that the lawyer who drafted the statement is the ORIGINAL lawyer, who prepared the suit in February alleging wrongdoing against Keya, the Daughter, and the dude who literally bled Stan dry for autographs. Continue reading “Finally some good news for Stan Lee/ Shake-ups at DC Entertainment”

Movie Review Roundup- Deadpool 2, Solo, Adrift, Hereditary

I had promised  a few weeks ago that I’d review Deadpool 2, and have not thus far for a pretty simple reason: the old adage, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. But I wanted to do some “quick hits” for recent releases I don’t have too much to say about, so here they be. In case you couldn’t guess, I have Moviepass. I’m not crazy, I wouldn’t pay to see all these! Continue reading “Movie Review Roundup- Deadpool 2, Solo, Adrift, Hereditary”

Time’s Up: One More Look at Spider-Man’s One More Day

With Dan Slott’s monumental 10-year run on Amazing Spider-Man finally coming to an end this month, it’s a good time to look back at the event that kicked off this strange new era for Spider-Man, the immensely controversial and divisive “One More Day” anti-saga. In the Fall of 2007, Marvel serialized the storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #544-545, Friendly Neighborhood #24, and Sensational #41. Hyped for nearly a year, the exact details of the story were not made specific, but fans were aware it was going to accomplish three things: end J. Michael Straczynski’s tenure as writer of the flagship title, set up the new “thrice-monthly” shipping Brand New Day status quo, and somehow change Spider-Man’s world dramatically. Rumors were flying left and right, to the point where even the most naive fan went into the story arc aware that it was likely going to somehow result in the ending of the marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. And end, it indeed did. Continue reading “Time’s Up: One More Look at Spider-Man’s One More Day”

13 Reasons Why Season 2 – That Ending

I was not going to write about 13 Reasons Why Season 2, as it’s not really in the wheelhouse of “genre” shows at all. However, opinionated as I am, I finished watching it and had some pretty specific thoughts about the ending, and would like to go into it. If you haven’t seen the show there’s not much point in me summarizing it, but needless to say MAJOR SPOILERS follow, so if you’re so inclined, read ahead… Continue reading “13 Reasons Why Season 2 – That Ending”

Rank Your Favorite Marvel Studios Films

Found this making the rounds- Charles Skoda has made a Marvel Cinematic Universe film ranker on his site. Just pick from an either/or visual list and it ranks all 19 films in your order of preference from most liked to least, based on your instinct. This was very useful for me, because I had tried to make a list on my own, but it was too hard to be objective. This way, freed from the shackles of thinking you “need” to rank certain movies higher than others, you get something pretty darn close to how you really feel. Take it yourself and see:

Marvel Cinematic Universe film ranker

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New ‘Venom’ Trailer Breakdown

Sony has unleashed a new trailer for Venom, and there’s a few interesting things to look at. Here ’tis:

It looks as if they are indeed adapting the “Lethal Protector” series where Venom is the hero/protagonist, and it appears that Spider-Man will make nary an appearance, let alone the Tom Holland version in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This seems to be its own thing, like those odd standalone Fox Marvel movies from a decade ago. Is anyone else getting strong Ghost Rider vibes from this trailer? “I’m the only one who can walk on both worlds; I’m Venom/Blade/Ghost Rider/Constantine.” Here we seem to be getting investigative journalist Eddie Brock uncovering a conspiracy about the suit, manufactured in a lab rather than catapulted from space, and after he steals it wacky hi-jinks ensue, or something. There isn’t much to go on but that big tongue right out of the ’90’s comics at the end looked pretty nice at least! Continue reading “New ‘Venom’ Trailer Breakdown”