First Trailer- Spider-Man: Far From Home

Hot off the press! Yikes!

I legit lol’d at the people in the comments who started saying “But this spoils that he survived the Snap in Infinity War!” Spoils for who? Even Thanos is expecting him to come back at this point! I think our first clue he made it was that he was getting a sequel with his name in the title a year after he mysteriously turned to ash! PS. I think Mysterio created illusions of the giant sand-monster and water god so that he could appear to have magical powers; I don’t think he’ll be an actual sorcerer. But who knows, seeing how off-book they’ve gone on everything else.

And I don’t think I ever posted this, but here’s Captain Marvel final trailer. This one I’m very iffy on, could be a misfire. And yes, I lol hard at the people who say, “That’s what the doubters said about all the Marvel movies! That’s what they said about The Avengers! Who would think a movie with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Loki and Nick Fury would possibly do well?? Nobody would go see it!!” Captain Marvel I don’t doubt for a second will rack up at the box office; it’s propelled by the power of feminism!

I’ve been on an extended winter break, but I’m back! Next time I’ll dive into the new year with a bunch of fun new stuff, and some movie and comic reviews!

The 10 Comics (since 1990) That Changed the Industry Forever

I am not talking about the best stories; I am not talking about the most popular. I am not showing the rarest issues, the most well-written or drawn, or even examples of revered seminal moments in the modern history of comics (such as a little Ultimates here, a little New X-Men there, etc). What this list is, quite simply, is the ten single issues that shifted the course of the industry most in terms of impact. What happened in the comics themselves is of little import; and even, of debatable less significance, are stories that were watershed and inspired imitators (like Alex Ross’ work, which didn’t really “change” the medium). What these ten represents are single moments in time that through their creation, shifted the axis of the industry in one direction that it never returned from. Continue reading “The 10 Comics (since 1990) That Changed the Industry Forever”

Avengers 4 Teaser is here!

Hot off the presses, title revealed at the end:

It seems oddly subdued for our enormous expectations (Ant Man is at the front door?? What a twist!), but eh, this is just the opening salvo. We’re in the endgame now! By the way, was it just me, or did anyone else need closed captioning for Tony’s mumbling? Mumbler!

A Wish List For the Expanding World of Marvel Gaming

by Hunter Audley

With a mandate to produce better video games in the immediate future, Marvel is expanding its entertainment reach once more. And this time, it’s doing so in an area in which it’s really struggled to date. Some will inevitably point to old X-Men arcades, app experiences, or even LEGO gaming adventures as evidence that Marvel has always been somewhat busy in gaming, but has the quality really met expectations? Is there a Marvel game that goes toe-to-toe with the Arkham Asylum series of DC-related games?

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