Casting the Live Action Simpsons Movie!

As a super fun interlude, I decided to cast a live-action version of The Simpsons, for my own enjoyment and yours! Woo-Hoo! I put a lot of logic into my selections but keep in mind, just like my covers and everything else, this is all subjective and we all have our own ideas of who should play which beloved cartoon icon. But with that said… I present to you the live action version of The Simpsons Movie! Much like the babysitter Homer harassed, hold on to your butts!!! Continue reading “Casting the Live Action Simpsons Movie!”

The Return of ‘Batman Returns’

Much like it was on the tenth anniversary of The Dark Knight, it’s also the 25th anniversary of Batman Returns! Give or take a year that is. It’s a movie I’ve definitely seen enough to know by heart, but not one that I really have ever given great thought to, at least enough to analyze in-depth in an article or essay. It’s just kind of always been about Tim Burton’s gothic wankery, to my mind. But I found a really cool analysis on Reddit that made me look at it from another angle. I don’t think Tim gave it one iota of this level of thought, and mainly just made choices out of instinct or from the hip based on whatever felt right to him at the time; but nonetheless, check it out here, then come back for my thoughts! Continue reading “The Return of ‘Batman Returns’”